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February 16, 1993
Beggars Banquet
Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Hard Rock

Album Review

Say what you want about the Cult -- a band which will certainly go down as one of the most schizophrenic in rock history -- but singer Ian Astbury and guitarist Billy Duffy could sure write a great tune. Just glance at a few titles included on their hard-to-find, but definitely best greatest-hits collection Pure Cult: "Edie (Ciao Baby)," "Love Removal Machine," "She Sells Sanctuary," "Wild Flower," "Fire Woman," "Rain," "Lil' Devil," and "Sun King." Spread haphazardly across the disc (rather than in chronological order), each track's uniqueness is even more evident, further showcasing the Cult's fearless creativity. Early songs such as "Spiritwalker" and "Resurrection Joe" will surprise most fans with their class and maturity, while later cuts like "Wild Hearted Son" and "Heart of Soul" (from the disappointing Ceremony album) show new life when viewed on their own merits. And for those seeking some added collector's value, the band offers a fine new track in the industrial-tinged "The Witch." [After languishing for several years in an import release, Beggars Banquet released a virtually similar version of Pure Cult for American audiences in 2000.]
Eduardo Rivadavia, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. She Sells Sanctuary
  2. Fire Woman
  3. Lil' Devil
  4. Spiritwalker
  5. The Witch
  6. Revolution
  7. Wild Hearted Son
  8. Love Removal Machine
  9. Rain
  10. Edie (Ciao Baby)
  11. Heart of Soul
  12. Love
  13. Wild Flower
  14. Go West
  15. Resurrection Joe
  16. Sun King
  17. Sweet Soul Sister
  18. Earth Mofo