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May 08, 2001
Rap, East Coast Rap, Golden Age

Album Review

This is a collection of old school classics from KRS-One's BDP crew, including "Dope Beat," "P Is Free," "Poetry," and "The Bridge Is Over," among others. This is the material that has KRS-One declaring himself the god of hip-hop, and he definitely pushed the envelope in a day when rap music was a lot more political and introspective. This is a good introductory compilation for a new generation of listeners interested in learning about the roots of rap music, and equally valuable to those who were around in the BDP days but for one reason or another no longer have all those old records.
Brad Mills, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Poetry
  2. South Bronx
  3. 9mm Goes Bang
  4. Word from Our Sponsor
  5. Elementary
  6. Dope Beat
  7. P Is Free [Remix]
  8. The Bridge Is Over
  9. [Untitled Track]
  10. Criminal Minded
  11. P Is Free [Original Version]
  12. Advance
  13. D-Nice Rocks the House
  14. Say No Brother (Crack Don't Do It)
  15. Criminal Minded [Red Alert Mega Mix]