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Monopoly is Getting Rid of One of Its Famous Game Pieces . . . You Can Vote to Save the Shoe, Iron, Race Car, Top Hat, Thimble, and More

Let's just say Monolopy is trying to DESTROY YOUR CHILDHOOD.  They're going to be eliminating one of their classic game pieces . . . either the shoe, thimble, race car, iron, top hat, Scottie dog, battleship, or wheelbarrow.   

--It will be replaced by either a toy robot, helicopter, cat, guitar, or diamond ring.

 --According to a board game expert, the wheelbarrow has the best chance of being eliminated, followed by the thimble and battleship.  The race car and Scottie dog have the best chance of surviving.

 --The original game pieces were the shoe, thimble, race car, iron, top hat, battleship, cannon and horse.  The dog and wheelbarrow were added in the '50s.  The cannon and horse were eliminated in the late '90s.

 --You can vote on the Monopoly Facebook page for which token to save.

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