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Run Like A Dick

Ever get annoyed by your "Health Nut" friends posting their 'awesome/refreshing' running routes? Yep! Every single one of them...EXCEPT this lady! 

A San Franciso runner named Claire has taken a creative approach to her run routes...and I applaud her. Seriously...This is talent!

Claire uses, Nike+ which is a fitness app that maps your jogging routes...boring right? Nope! Her routes are anything but boring.  

This woman has a natural talent of figuring out running routes that are shaped like....Yep. Dicks. 

I picture this thought crossing her mind, "I couldn’t put my foot to pavement without drawing a dick!" - NOT a direct quote haha 

She's also done a few more designs like A dog, the middle finger and an Atari Space Invader. See them all here

haha Bravo Claire. 

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