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#WINSH*T on #TheLOCKERROOM (August 28, 2014):


PRIZE: ***LAST CHANCE AT THESE*** Beaverfest tickets featuring Night Seeker, The Wild! and Striker this weekend in Valleyview AB with #TheLOCKERROOM TEXT WORD OF THE DAY PRIZE-PACK!!!!

TO WIN: listen for the TEXT WORD OF THE DAY at 5:30pm. The Bear text #: 666-666 (triple 6, triple 6).


JACKPOT = $80.00


TO WIN: listen at about 4:15pm (we play at 4:20pm). Guess the artist and song title of the backwards song clip to win what is in the Shellshock 420 Bong Song Jackpot.
If you win on Friday you win a chance at the Mystery Box!

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