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I’m not going to give you the typical radio DJ bio and try to feed you a pile of bullsh*t, I want you to eat healthier than that. Instead, here are some simple and hopefully interesting little facts about myself.

My real name is Trevor. I’ve never been a real “Park Warden,” but I like mountains, national parks, and nature. I’ve lived in Alberta my whole life, so travelling is my favourite activity and Amsterdam is my favourite city, ever.
Some things I love … Music, beaches, golfing, skiing, mountain biking, camping, slacking, girls (especially my wife, Kendra), our cats (Tiara & Pootchkie), family, friends, beer, herbs, food; anything that brings positive energy.
Some things I hate … Winter, arrogance, sadness, celebrity worship, poverty, people who always talk and never listen, gangsta wannabes; anything that brings negative energy.
Birthdate: March 17 (St. Patrick’s Day)
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Brown
Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Weight: 175 pounds and a ¼ ounce
Music: AC/DC, Beastie Boys, Black Sabbath, Bob Marley, Chemical Brothers, Cypress Hill, Deadmau5, Foo Fighters, Metallica, Nirvana, Offspring, Pearl Jam, Prodigy, Rancid, RHCP, Smashing Pumpkins, Sublime, Tool, Tragically Hip, Underworld, Weezer. Anything But Country.
Movies: American History X, Blow, Boogie Nights, Fight Club, Goodfellas, Harold & Kumar, Permanent Midnight, Pulp Fiction, Requiem For A Dream, Reservoir Dogs, Saving Private Ryan, Scarface, Trainspotting, True Romance, Very Bad Things. Anything with grit, emotion, or realism.
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    DAILY WARDEN TRACK: I  was going through a “Decade Anniversary” compilation put together by Beatport recently when I stumbled across a tune that instantly had me fist-pumpin’ and reaching for the volume control.  The song is very reminiscent of old-school, late 90’s, big-beat, and artists like Daft PunkFatboy Slim, or Junkie XL.  They are TILL VON SEIN & TIGERSKIN, and other than their names, I don’t really know anything about them except that today’s track is from a very good House label out of Germany called Dirt Crew.  Click the link for the insanely groovy, catchy, vibe-enhancing “GOOD TIMES ON THE REG!”
    THREE GRANDMAS TRY POT FOR FIRST TIME: The attitude towards WEED in the United States of Amarijuanica over the past few years has become somewhat more relaxed, to say the least.  As education, research, and common sense in the ways of the HERB evolve, perhaps we’ll see a few more happy, calm, funny scenarios like the youtube clip of three sweet grandmothers smoking GANJA for the very first time.  Spark up the video here.
    TOPIC: HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN A VIDEO OR PHOTO THAT YOU LATER REGRETTED?  Word came out last week of a twisted, supposedly “leaked” video featuring Marilyn Manson, director Eli Roth, and songstress Lana Del Rey.  The video allegedly depicts a sexual assault, and during an interview with Larry King, Roth looked a little uncomfortable when the topic came up; Manson has denied involvement.  Publicity stunt?  Check the story here, then zip over to the official Park Warden Facebook page to post your answer, or text it to 666 666.
    COSBY: Only the people involved know the truth, so I will not say anything.  I did read a very interesting piece about pop-culture & perspective yesterday though, go here.
    SEXUAL ASSAULT AWARENESS: It was not my intention at all today to have stories pertaining to sexual assault, especially considering what’s going on here in Canada with former CBC radio hostJian Read More

    DAILY WARDEN TRACK: One band / artist / co-op that I really dig these days is USS (UBIQUITOUS SYNERGY SEEKER).  Please forgive the sci-fi-nerd description, but their music is a kick-ass, world-conquering, super-hybrid of Trip Hop, Rock, Electro & more, and despite the heavy-rhythms, there’s still a smooth “fluidity” in almost all of their songs.  USS’ latest release is the “Advanced Basics” EP, and it contains today’s feature tune.  The cut reminds me of some of my younger, more foolish days, but don’t read anything into the lyrics, ha ha!  Click the link for “THIS IS THE BEST,” and remember kids, JUST SAY NO.
    Topic Of The Day: WHAT PRODUCT, OTHER THAN CIGARETTES, WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE BANNED?  Read the story below, then post your answer on the official Park Warden Facebook page, or text to 666 666.
    MASSACHUSETTS TOWN PROPOSES TOTAL TOBACCO BAN: Town Council in Westminster, MA, have proposed a ban on the sale of all tobacco products.  If passed, residents will still be able to use tobacco products, but it’ll be illegal to buy or sell such “contraband” within town jurisdiction.  People are pissed, check the report here.
    WIN STUFF: All weekend, listen between 10am & 6pm (Mountain time CAN/USA), because 100.3 the Bear is giving you a chance to win a trip-for-two anywhere in the world, full details here.  You could also score double-guest passes for Horrible Bosses 2, “Threesome Ticket Packs” for the Taboo Naughty But Nice Sex Show, and… Concert tickets for Theory Of A Deadman!
    FUN, FESTIVALS, FOOLERY: Nerd Nite Edmonton (November 20), Taboo Naughty But Nice Sex Show (November 20 – 23), Ice On Whyte (January 23 – February 1), Silver Skate Festival (February 13 – 22), and for a huge list of all sorts of stuff happening in the Edmonton area, go here.
    EDMONTON OILERS: Lost to the Ott Read More
  • #305, BILLY TALENT

    DAILY WARDEN TRACK: Today’s song is from one of Canada’s finest bands, whose new “Hits” album was released worldwide last Tuesday.  Their live shows are full of pure energy & passion, they’ve won multiple awards, and rightfully receive hundreds of praise from fans & critics alike.  It’s BILLY TALENT, who are currently working on a new studio album with hopes for a Summer 2015 release.  In the meantime, their first official “Hits” collection has two new tracks, one of which is “KINGDOM OF ZOD.”  Check out my interview with Ian & Aaron here!
    Buy BILLY TALENT’s music through Amazon here.
    Topic Of The Day: HOW DO YOU PREPARE FOR WINTER?  After the most beautiful October I think, in Edmonton’s history, Winter has hit.  How do you get ready for the nasty season?  Leave your answer on the official Park Warden Facebook page, or text to 666 666.
    WIN STUFF: All weekend, listen between 10am & 6pm (Mountain time CAN/USA), because 100.3 the Bear is giving you a chance to win a trip-for-two anywhere in the world, full details here.  Plus, you could score for Indiana Jones VIP Night & “LASER FLOYD” at Telus World Of Science, and… Concert tickets for Theory Of A Deadman!
    SOCIAL MEDIA NOT GOOD FOR BREAKING UP: Let’s face it, most people’s lives are out there for the public to see, simply because of the mere existence of social media.  For an interesting read on the effects of Twitter, Facebook & more, on relations with your “ex,” go here.
    FUN, FESTIVALS, FOOLERY:  Canadian Finals Rodeo (November 5 – 9), Pure Speculation Sci-Fi Festival (November 14 – 16).
    EDMONTON OILERS: Finally got a win (3-2) on the annual “Rodeo road trip,” over the Sabres in Buffalo on Friday night.  Today, the mighty Oil visit the Rangers in Manhat Read More