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I’m not going to give you the typical radio DJ bio and try to feed you a pile of bullsh*t, I want you to eat healthier than that. Instead, here are some simple and hopefully interesting little facts about myself.

My real name is Trevor. I’ve never been a real “Park Warden,” but I like mountains, national parks, and nature. I’ve lived in Alberta my whole life, so travelling is my favourite activity and Amsterdam is my favourite city, ever.
Some things I love … Music, beaches, golfing, skiing, mountain biking, camping, slacking, girls (especially my wife, Kendra), our cats (Tiara & Pootchkie), family, friends, beer, herbs, food; anything that brings positive energy.
Some things I hate … Winter, arrogance, sadness, celebrity worship, poverty, people who always talk and never listen, gangsta wannabes; anything that brings negative energy.
Birthdate: March 17 (St. Patrick’s Day)
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Brown
Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Weight: 175 pounds and a ¼ ounce
Music: AC/DC, Beastie Boys, Black Sabbath, Bob Marley, Chemical Brothers, Cypress Hill, Deadmau5, Foo Fighters, Metallica, Nirvana, Offspring, Pearl Jam, Prodigy, Rancid, RHCP, Smashing Pumpkins, Sublime, Tool, Tragically Hip, Underworld, Weezer. Anything But Country.
Movies: American History X, Blow, Boogie Nights, Fight Club, Goodfellas, Harold & Kumar, Permanent Midnight, Pulp Fiction, Requiem For A Dream, Reservoir Dogs, Saving Private Ryan, Scarface, Trainspotting, True Romance, Very Bad Things. Anything with grit, emotion, or realism.
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Park Warden's Blog

  • A walk in the Park, Volume 302

    DAILY WARDEN TRACK: I feature a very eclectic selection of music on my weekly blog posts, but recently a few of my subscribers contacted me to request a little more Metal, so today I’m going to satiate those requests with a brand new track from one of today’s most popular bands in the genre, SLIPKNOT!  On October 21st the band will release their highly-anticipated fifth studio album “.5: The Gray Chapter,” and the first single from the new effort has been received by fans with open arms.  Despite its lineup changes and various “side projects,” Slipknot have maintained their musical integrity for almost 20 years, which is evidenced by this new track.  Oh, and the “clowns” are rockin’ some new masks too, click the link for “The DEVIL IN I.”
    Buy SLIPKNOT’s music through Amazon here.
    Topic Of The Day: HOW DO YOU KEEP YOUR RELATIONSHIP FRESH & EXCITING?  Preventing a relationship from going stale is not an easy thing to do, but if you’re at the point where you’re willing to try almost anything, then you came to the right place.  Go here, then share your ideas on the official Park Warden facebook page, or text to 666 666.
    DRE’S BEATS FACING SOME SERIOUS COMPETITION:  Just as Apple announced the release of its latest iPhone and the shelving of the iPod Classic, Philips announced new headphones that could give the “Beats” line a serious run for its money.  Plug in to the details here.
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  • A walk in the Park, Volume 301

    DAILY WARDEN TRACK: There’s been a lot of throwback stuff that I’ve been sharing lately, so today we’re going to hit on something that came out at the beginning of this year, and the first time I heard it I knew I really liked it, but couldn’t figure out exactly why.  Still can’t, but that doesn’t matter… The tune from this Brooklyn NY band is like a smell or taste you love, but can’t quite describe.  It’s BEAR HANDS, from the “Distraction” album, click the link for “GIANTS,” and check out their Soundcloud channel here.
    Buy BEAR HANDS’ music through Amazon here.
    Topic Of The Day: WHAT’S THE WORST PIECE OF TECHNOLOGY EVER?  Apple released its first so-called “laptop” 25 years ago today.  It was revolutionary at the time, but looking back, it’s now “laughable” at best.  Read about it here, then post your “crappy tech” on the official Park Warden facebook page, or text to 666 666.
    SECURITY SCARE AT THE WHITE HOUSE: Twice in the past two days, the “Secret Service” has allowed intruders to get past the fence surrounding the grounds of the White House in Washington, D.C.  Breach the details here and here.
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  • A walk in the Park, Volume 300

    DAILY WARDEN TRACK: I like to keep a lot of variety in the music / artists I feature on this blog and one band I’ve never written about is RADIOHEAD.  They were considered “Alt-Gods” from the mid to late-90′s and even though they continue to make music and buck / set trends in the music industry, they’ve been relatively quiet over the past few years.  The band has had some amazing songs like “Creep” & “Paranoid Android,” but the tune I’m sharing with you today is one of Radiohead’s lesser-known cuts.  This track intrigues me purely because of the video, in which singer Thom Yorke holds his breathe in water for almost a minute, then finishes “singing” the song; don’t let the teeth bother you.  From the highly influential 1997 album, “OK Computer,” hit the link for “NO SURPRISES.”
    Buy RADIOHEAD’s music through Amazon here.
    Topic Of The Day: WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE TV COMMERCIAL OR CAMPAIGN?  One of the biggest viral commercials this year was the Budweiser “Puppy” spot that ran during the Superbowl, but last night it was beaten for a “Creative Arts” Emmy Award in Los Angeles by an Apple ad that was shot in Edmonton last Winter.  Read about it and view it here, check some of the Superbowl’s best spots of all-time here, then post your favourite(s) on the official Park Warden facebook page, or text to 666 666.
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