Best of the Paul Brown Show

Best of the Paul Brown Show

Check out our favourite clips, interviews, and jokes from the Paul Brown Show!


Car Smashed

Dirty Deed 06

Posted 8/31/2015 7:40:00 AM


Won The Lottery

Dirty Deed 04

Posted 8/27/2015 7:40:00 AM


Quit Your Job

Paul Brown Show's Dirty Deed #2

Posted 8/25/2015 7:40:00 AM


Dead Dog

Paul Brown Show's Dirty Deed #1

Posted 8/24/2015 7:40:00 AM


Hall N' Ebs N' The Nug - Trick-or-Treat

Hall N' Ebs live in the same condo. Rumor has it they sleep in side by side Bert and Ernie beds. In this episode the boys are joined by the Nug. We find Hallsy and Nug just returning from the mall after trick-or-treating.

Posted 10/31/2014 10:22:00 AM

Pranks on the Paul Brown Show

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